Experience The Life At Crimson

Crimson Interactive — A melting pot of knowledge, talent, cultures, and excellence!

Crimson is a rapidly growing company and has scaled new heights with each passing year. Crimson gives you the opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and vibrant work environment. Have a look and decide for yourself.

Editors at Crimson

Get a glimpse into the life of an editor. Editing is a career replete with knowledge, a career that tests you and teaches you every day. At Crimson, you will find experts from various subject areas working together to edit manuscripts and simultaneously improve and share their knowledge. Through their voices, we hope you will get to know the editor's mindset, work, and life.

Foreign Employees at Crimson

Crimson employs people from India, Japan, China, Taiwan, Germany, Brazil, and United States among many other countries. Have a look at what our expat employees have to say about working with us. We understand that working in a foreign land and assimilating a different culture has its own set of challenges. We help our expat employees lead a comfortable life in India, giving them a feeling of a second home away from home.

Career Growth at Crimson

Crimson values talent and understands that by providing right support and training, today’s trainee can be groomed into tomorrow’s leader. Through special initiatives, such as T square and leadership programs, Crimson tries to identify and groom talent. We pride ourselves on having nurtured some of our best leaders through such initiatives.

Fun at Crimson

Although we work under strict deadlines and constantly push ourselves to achieve new milestones, we never forget to let our hair down and have fun!

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