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Crimson is a company teaming with youth in terms of attitude, ability to adapt to change, and innovation and creation at the drop of a hat. We offer several essential and unique benefits to all Crimsonites for a holistic work experience.

Leadership Programs

Crimson-Sponsored Continuous Education Program in Collaboration with IIM Calcutta

We firmly believe that our people are our biggest asset. Crimson encourages talented, hardworking, and loyalist Crimsonites to hone their leadership and business management skills to facilitate sustained employee development. Crimson, in collaboration with institutes like the prestigious IIM Calcutta, offers a continuous education MBA program for Crimsonites exhibiting leadership qualities to help them enhance their careers. The program is structured to allow management education while undertaking their professional responsibilities. Knowledge is dispensed by not only the highly regarded faculty but also from alumni and peers from various other industries.

The idea is simple—if you show the spark, Crimson helps you realize, develop, and utilize your leadership acumen.

T-Square Program (Talent and Tenure)

The coveted “T-Square” program is an example of Crimson’s innovative and progress-oriented approach, with exceptionally high financial rewards. Potential Intrapreneurs are identified and developed under this program. A T-Square member is an indispensable part of Crimson’s vision and is titled a “Business Partner”.

L.E.A.P – Learn, Energize, and Accelerate Program

Crimson’s Lead, Energize, and Accelerate Program (L.E.A.P) provides an exclusive opportunity to travel across the globe and attend global conferences and seminars in order to enhance industry knowledge and overall business awareness. Under this program, talented, dedicated, and loyalist Crimsonites are given opportunities of traveling to U.S.A, Dubai, Japan, etc.

Crimson-Sponsored PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification

Crimson believes in continuous growth through learning. A PMP certification sponsored by Crimson for our Project Management teams showcases the fact that we walk the talk. The program shapes one into a pro at Project Management, inculcating skills of logical reasoning, strategic analysis, forecasting, etc., thus transforming one into an indispensable asset.

Crimson-Sponsored BELS (Board of Editors in the Life Sciences) Certification

Crimson helps you achieve your academic dreams while you pursue your professional ones. The sponsored BELS certification for our life science editors recognizes one’s skills as an editor. The internationally recognized BELS certification is a seal on your ability to excel in academic editing.

Learning and Development Division

The Learning & Development Division strives to address the ever-evolving learning needs of Crimsonites. We provide various skill-enhancing opportunities to all Crimsonites, including leadership development, continuous job-related development, team development, organizational development, and change management.

Financial Benefits

Employee Stock Unit Plan (ESUP)

We are proud to confer on deserving Crimsonites the privilege of being a Crimson SHAREHOLDER through the coveted Employee Stock Unit Plan (ESUP). The premise of this program is that Crimson’s wealth is shared with the people who help create it. It also recognizes and rewards Crimsonites with a high level of ownership by making them shareholders of Crimson.

Our motive is and will remain — Think and Act like a True Business Owner

Innovative Salary Payout System

Get paid twice a month!!! Crimson follows an innovative salary payout system within which each confirmed Crimsonite can receive his/her salary in two installments within a month (fortnightly). The choice is yours! Crimson is the only company in India to have initiated such a system (if you know of another, do let us know!).

Annual Performance Appraisal

With hard work comes great reward. At Crimson, we follow a 360° appraisal format to ensure just and fair practices. You will get feedback on your performance from not just your supervisor but also your peers. The annual salary growth/hike following the appraisal rewards the hard work by a Crimsonite all through the year.

Annual Performance Bonus

We all like something extra, right? The Annual Bonus payout is a treat to every Crimsonite after a year of hard work. This bonus is paid in addition to the monthly salary and is a well-deserved reward for one’s performance over and above the annual appraisal.

Editor Monthly Incentives

If you are an editor reading this, this one’s specially for you! At Crimson, Editors earn a bonus every month. They receive an incredible monthly incentive based on their performance for that month.

Expert Editing Component

Getting better at your work? At Crimson, as you progress through an editor hierarchy and get promoted to an Expert Editor, your performance is financially rewarded with a direct hike in your fixed salary.

Editor Anniversary Bonus

In addition to the Monthly Incentives and Expert Editing Component, on completion of every work anniversary, editors are entitled to receive an additional exponential bonus amount.

ACE Crimsonite Award

Crimson takes pride and pleasure in being one of the few companies believing in rewarding individuals who are masters at what they do. If you are selected as an ACE Crimsonite, you will receive an exciting annual financial benefit in addition to your annual appraisal and bonus.

Investment and Personal Counseling for Tax Planning

When at Crimson, your problem becomes ours. We understand that everyone isn’t a master at math and we all like saving our taxes, don’t we? To ensure support to Crimsonites in this regard, we annually have an investment counsellor on premises for some much-needed expert advice on planning your investments.

Interest-Free Personal Loan Policy

As a Crimsonite, you are a vital part of our Crimson family, and so, Crimson will help you in any problem, including financial emergencies. Crimson has an exclusive personal loan policy for its Crimsonites, completely interest-free!!!


Medical Insurance Coverage for Self, Spouse, and Parents, including Maternity Expenses Coverage

We provide medical insurance for Crimsonites as well as their family members, including their spouse, children, and parents. We specifically included parents because they need insurance the most, and policies available outside have too many restrictions to cover them. The unique aspect of this insurance policy is that there are no conditions or pre-testing done for any of the individuals covered. An Annual Compensation and Benefits Survey Report 2014 by Deloitte shows that only 13% companies in India offer this to their people.

Maternity Leave

Crimson’s Maternity Policy offers all our female employees the time to rest and enjoy their motherhood as per the Maternity Act. This policy covers care and rest for both pre and post-natal phases, thus helping Crimsonites enjoy this new phase of life. In addition, we ensure that we provide financial facilities for the mother and child through our Mediclaim Policy, which covers the new born from Day 1.

Paternity Leave

Every father needs to spend quality time with his new born too. At Crimson, every male Crimsonite is provided with 5 days of paternity leave in addition to the standard leaves.

Miscarriage Leave

Crimson’s Maternity Policy offers all our female employees time to rest and recuperate during this difficult time. The number of leaves are predefined bearing in mind the pregnancy stage at the time of miscarriage. 

Leave for Adoption of a Child

Crimsonites who have adopted a child below 13 years of age may be granted a paid leave of 30 calendar days.

Bereavement Leave

At Crimson, we understand the emotional and mental stress due to death in the immediate family. Paid leave of 3 calendar days can be availed to be with your family during this difficult phase.

Marriage Leaves
Getting married?? To initiate this new phase of your life, leave up to 28 calendar days can be availed by Crimsonites who are more than a year old in Crimson. These 28 days are exclusive (additional to the standard leaves), and hence, the existing leave balance of the Crimsonite will not be affected.


Online Library

Being a language solutions provider, we, at Crimson, are avid readers. We have a vast collection of books in-house, and with your free subscription to our online library, you can order as many books as you like. We also have the regular Crimson Reads – our club of avid bibliophiles who meet to discuss books, books, and only books.

Read Room

In addition to our free online library subscription, Crimson has an in-house library. We provide Crimsonites access to thousands of books, magazines, and audio books across 40+ categories that meet their professional and personal development needs.

Fun and Festival Celebrations

If it’s your birthday, the entire Crimson family will celebrate it with you on every third Wednesday of the month.  We also celebrate Christmas, with Secret Santa visiting us every year to give us a chance to secretly give gifts and get secretly gifted presents. During Diwali, our bay decoration competitions end with the entire place looking like a galaxy, and our Garba nights, during Navratri, are complete with Crimsonites enjoying Garba and Dandiya.

Quarterly Team Dinners

At Crimson, we strongly believe that every team is a vital cog in Crimson’s growth. Hence, every quarter, team dinners and outings are organized to ensure team building and team bonding at the restaurant of your choice.

Annual Offsite

At Crimson, we ensure that each year we travel to different places and let our hair down for two days to relax and rejuvenate. We play games, participate in adventure sports, go trekking, and end with a group photo to capture unforgettable memories of another year gone by. An all-expense-paid trip should relax you enough to be fired up for another year of exciting work.

Social Intranet

Crimson has its own internal People Engagement platform that connects employees within Crimson and helps them share accomplishments and accolades and be notified of current events within the organization, industry updates, etc.

Annual “CAAN” Awards

Our “CAAN” (Crimson Annual Awards Night) is the most awaited event of the year. It is an umbrella event revealing and honoring company-wide talent and skill recognition combined with extreme fun and frolic. The award function is followed by music, dance, and dinner. It is held at some of the most coveted locations in Mumbai. In 2016, the awards night was celebrated at a beautiful, beach facing restaurant in suburban Mumbai.


Open Door Policy

Have a suggestion, a business proposal, or a process improvement idea? Ever wondered whether you could approach anyone beyond your immediate supervisor to discuss these at length? At Crimson, of course you can! We encourage a transparent culture where you can connect with anyone at Crimson, irrespective of the designation, and this includes Sharad Mittal (our CEO) too!

Cross Functional Exposure

Crimson uses a management approach wherein employees are given the opportunity to understand the business at all levels to gain exposure to all verticals across the organization. In case you have an inclination toward understanding how other departments work, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Grievance Redressal Cell and Sexual Harassment Policy

We are all ears when it comes to your issues and concerns. At Crimson, our Grievance Redressal Cell gives you the freedom to voice your concerns and helps us resolve them for you. Our Sexual Harassment Policy is defined to ensure a safe working environment for all Crimsonites.

Flexible Timings

Crimson supports flexible work timings as we believe in work–life balance. Crimsonites can start work anytime between 8 am to 10.30 am, after discussion with their supervisor, and make time for their errands or hobbies.

Leave Encashment

At Crimson, we believe in keeping the balance between work and relaxation, and taking planned leaves is the best way to ensure this. In case there are excess leaves at the end of the year, unlike most companies, it is paid out on the GROSS salary and not on the BASIC salary. An Annual Compensation and Benefits Survey Report 2016 conducted by Deloitte revealed that only 39.1% companies allow leave encashment during employment.

Other Benefits
  • Start your day with a hot cup of CCD coffee or a nice cup of green tea
  • Help yourself to some really interesting snacks from our vending machine
  • Get a body or foot massage to help you relax at work
  • A music lover?? Relax while strumming the guitar in the READ room


All expats are provided fully furnished accommodation, with all necessary electronic equipment, close to the office premises. This is done keeping in mind the comfort, adaptability, and ease of settling in of the expats.

Crimson Car Service

Crimson provides Car Service for expats for daily pick-up from home to office.

Our expats can also book the car (chauffeur driven) on weekends for their personal use/city tour at no cost.

TV and internet

Crimson provides free cable TV and free Wi-Fi connection in every guesthouse.

Morning breakfast

To ensure the health of expats, Crimson provides morning breakfast to all foreign staff at no cost.

Weekend Allowance

Crimson provides a weekend allowance to the expats to help them unwind and enjoy over weekends.

Birthday Allowance

Crimson also provides “birthday allowance” as a special token of care to all expats.

Free/Discount Entry Passes to Pub/Disco

Crimson has corporate tie-ups with some good pubs/discos in the city and provides “free” entry passes or special discounts for expats.

Company Doctor

Crimson has appointed a good and experienced doctor who can be approached by expats for any medical issues. This helps as everyone have a common doctor who knows the medical history of expats and can provide appropriate medication.

Free Yoga and English Classes

We conduct free yoga classes on Sunday for our expats and also conduct optional English language classes in-house on weekdays.

Medical Insurance Cover

All expats are covered under Mediclaim Hospitalization Insurance for any need-based hospitalization. This is sufficient to cover about 1 month of hospitalization in Mumbai, depending on the type of illness. We also cover the medical expense with reference to regular check-ups for commonplace illnesses and have monthly health camps in office for our employees. There are various medical testing centers which provide discounts in case of medical tests required for expats. The Medical Insurance company has tie-ups with many hospitals for cashless admission in the hospital.

Pension Benefits*

Crimson provides National Pension Insurance (Kokumin-Nenkin-Hoken) to all Japanese employees.

TopsLine Security Services

TOPSLINE “1252” modeled on the lines of 911, USA, is the first private operator in the world to have started the Emergency Response Services (ERS) and is the first of its kind in India. The emergencies covered are intrusion, burglary, physical attack, medical emergencies, fire, gas leakage, electrical short-circuit, and accidents among others. These services are accessible anytime—24×7, 365 days of the year. They also have tie-ups with leading hospitals to offer our expats preferential and prompt admission in case of medical emergencies.

Bank Account Opening

We open your bank account with Indian Banks that provide several benefits like separate Expat Bank Relations Manager, internet banking, check and cash pick up and drop facility from office, discounts of shopping, free movie tickets, and so forth.

Flight Tickets*

Crimson provides flight tickets to its foreign staff every year, to enable them to visit their families in their respective home countries.

All benefits applicable to other staff are also applicable for expats.

*These benefits are governed by certain terms and conditions.

Crimson in numbers


0 Neurons in heart
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0 Presence in 89 countries = Atomic number of Actinium

0 Papers published: Chandrasekhar limit/ mass of the sun * 10^5
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0 Our head count: The smallest base 10 unprimeable number

We have worked with these companies

  • Client: Panasonic
  • Client: Canon
  • Client: Daiichi-Sankyo
  • Client: Fujitsu
  • Client: Guinness World Records
  • Client: Hitachi
  • Client: MIT
  • Client: Sony
  • Client: Toyota
  • Client: The University of Tokyo
  • Client: The University of Sydney
  • Client: Wiley
  • Client: Elsevier
  • Client: Capgemini

Awards and Recognitions

Awards: BIZZ 2014 Award
Awards: Google SME Heroes Award 2013
Google SME Heroes Award 2013
Awards: The World Quality Commitment Award 2012
The World Quality Commitment Award 2012
Awards: Red Herring Global and Asia

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