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Our clients appreciate our dedication towards commitment to quality and impeccable services. Read on to see what our clients have to say about their experience with us.

I have used Enago's English editing service twice and I was satisfied with the quality for both edits. I would recommend Enago to anyone who wants a high quality editing. The editor made sentence level changes and made my paper error free. I would definitely use your service again. Thank you.

Pietro Dri, University of Trieste, Professor, Italy

Enago's English editing service is very helpful for non-native English speakers. The quality of my manuscript improved after I used Enago's editing service. I thank Enago for providing high-quality editing service.

Maria Alessandra Santucci, Istituto di Ematologia e Scienze Oncologiche Seràgnoli, Professor, Italy

You have been excellent in handling my request as true professionals. I am impressed with your trait of recommending the ideal service after analyzing my requirement. Your client servicing associate is wonderful in all her communications and I appreciate her promptness in responding to my concerns. All my future editing requests will be with you.

Lily Augustina, Sakana international, Marketing Director, Singapore

I have used the Enago English editing service twice and both the edited papers have been accepted by Scopus Journals in the field of Radiology/Imaging. It is good to know that you provide high-quality service at a very competitive price. I will definitely use your service again and would recommend other non-native English speakers to use Enago for a polishing English and getting a publishable quality manuscript.

Yazmin Yaacob, National University of Malaysia, Instructor, Malaysia

Enago makes non-native speakers of English to feel more confident when submitting a paper to English or American journals. My paper is in analysis for publication in a highly competitive journal after having used Enago’s English editing services. I am very satisfied with the overall editing quality and the editor made necessary changes without influencing my original thoughts. Thank you team Enago! I hope to use the Enago services again soon.

Marcelo Ricardo Vicari, Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa, Professor, Brazil

I am very satisfied with the Enago’s English editing service. The editor made appropriate changes and improved the quality of my manuscript. Ordering for the editing service through the website is very easy. I would have my future manuscripts edited from Enago and would recommend Enago to anyone who wants a quality English Editing or Proofreading services.

Cristiane Polo, Faculdade de Odontologia, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

The quality of the services provided by Enago was an important factor when choosing this company. Enago’s editing turnaround time was fast, also their editors contributed significantly to enhance my manuscript's quality prior to submission. The suggestions and corrections done were relevant, and made the text more objective and clear.

Marcio A. Torsoni, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Professor, Brazil

The service process carried out by Enago is perfect with a quick deadline along with excellent scientific precision of the manuscript. I intend to use the company's services for my future publications and I do recommend it to other researchers.

Fabrício Cieslak, Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco - UNIVASF, Professor, Brazil

The service provided by Enago was quick and efficient. They respected the deadline, and the editors' comments were accurate and consistent. The staff was always available to answer my questions.

Cleidson Castro, Universidade Federal Fluminense, PhD Student in Physics, Brazil

Enago's services are agile and efficient; they certainly represent a good cost/benefit option. Everyone who assisted us is kind and always available to clarify our doubts.

Bruna Picciani, Universidade Federal Fluminense, PhD Student, Brazil

I am very satisfied with the editing done for my article, which was accepted for publication in a 1.213 impact factor journal. The professionalism, speed, and services offered are excellent and are at a very competitive price. I recommend Enago's services to everyone.

Márcia J. d’Angelo, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Brazil

I have used Enago's services for the past two years, and within this period, I successfully published my papers. The expertise and care of Enago's professionals made a significant difference in the final output of my manuscripts, and they are now my leading choice for translation and English editing services as well as for guidance in international journal publication.

Dr. Anderson Freitas, Hospital Ortopédico e Medicina Especializada, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Brazil

We are satisfied with the technical quality of the services and the administrative processes followed in realization and execution of editing. We felt that everyone at Enago was committed to solve all peculiarities pertaining to academia.

Amauri Bogo, Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, Professor, Brazil

The Copyediting service provided by Enago is good and the editor improved the overall language of my manuscript. Enago's editors have good subject matter expertise. The free advance report provided during the time of final file delivery helped me understand the extent of changes along with areas of improvement for my future projects. I will recommend this service to my colleagues based on my personal experience. Keep up the good work Enago!

Saim Emim, University of Nova Gorica, Assistant Professor, Slovenia

Ulatus translations were excellent in their support of our multi language business presentation. We required a professional translation for an important presentation and after contacting many translation service companies, Ulatus Company was by far the most professional. They provided us with a superb service from beginning till the end. The translation they delivered to us was of a very high standard, within a short deadline and completed ahead of schedule exceeding all expectations. The customer support team was professional, friendly, and efficient, and we shall certainly be using Ulatus service again in the future

Florent Chapron, Leading Retail Outlet, Rennes, France

I very often use Ulatus’ translation service, probably 5 times a month or more. For my assignments, I always request translators to have a high level of pharmaceutical and statistical knowledge. Even though my assignments are of a highly challenging level, Ulatus’ translators assure a high level of quality. Before I knew about Ulatus, I suffered from searching for a high-quality translation agency, and spent a lot of time double-checking the assignments by myself. After using Ulatus’ service, I haven’t had to suffer any more, because Ulatus guarantees more than double-check and provides a high-quality translation.

Michiru Toda, Senior Associate, Medical Consulting Firm, Tokyo, Japan

Ulatus has been a valuable partner by creating accurate and fast translation work for academic manuscripts. Where other translation agencies work very literally, Ulatus really understood our tone of voice and overall identity to produce work that fits seamlessly into our print work. We are now able to release great content faster to world scientific community

Victoria (Assistant Editor), Leading Medical Publisher, Warsaw, Poland

We had an urgent requirement for translating a huge technical manual into English. Ulatus team was quick to provide us a response and they completed the entire project well before the deadline. The translation received great commendation from the project managers in Germany who remarked that the quality was “exceptional.” We would highly recommend Ulatus for their great service, price and high quality

Dimitry, Marketing Manager, Moscow, Russia

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ulatus for their excellent service, which has been both speedy and efficient. Should we require any further translations, I am sure that I will be contacting Ulatus

Irina Barno, International Hotel Chain, Kiev, Ukraine

I have to say that when it comes to deadlines, Ulatus know what they're doing! I'm quick to respond myself… but with these guys I've really met my match. It's a pleasure to work with them. I'm always travelling, but I have to confess that they are always available, whatever time zone I'm in: Ulatus is our first choice of partner for translations of our features documents

Kate Carlson, Marketing Manager – Telecom Company, London, UK

Ulatus has really helped me in a tight timeframe on several occasions. I was working on a very tight project and Ulatus’s Translation team was responsive and so timely! Every time I needed a translation they put me right into their schedule and delivered exactly what I needed, and always on time or before my requested deadline. I’ve had some out of the ordinary requests as well and the team has always been able to help out and has really made my job easier.

Dr. Hamid Tavangar, Leading Scientific Consulting firm, Middle East Region

I appreciate your good service. We are satisfied with your timely delivery, transcript quality, and cost. It was also helpful that you delivered it according to my special formatting need. I look forward to work with you again.

Mihoko Kohinata, CarterJMRN株式会社, Senior Project Coordinator

Great service for non-native English writing authors! Enago’s English editing service helps me to formulate my ideas in more clear and straight forward way and to eliminate common grammatical errors. Moreover, the results are delivered in time and for very reasonable price. I am satisfied with the overall experience!

Stylianos Kampakis, University College London, PhD. Computer Science, United Kingdom

The editors at Enago did a great job. Enago's editing and Manuscript Rate Card helped me add more value and understand the subject matter well. Quick turnaround time, professional editing and client services staff make Enago my preferred editing company. I recommend Enago to anyone who would like to use a high quality editing service. Good going Enago! I will definitely use your service again.

Kang Jaehoon, Franklin Translation, Head of the Department, Korea

Thanks so much for your English editing. My paper was accepted in the first round of submission only with minor revision because of you!

Chung-Jen Teng, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Instructor/Lecturer, Taiwan

Thanks for Enago's English editing, it's very helpful to me. I have received paper acceptance letter today!

Jin-Ching Lee, Kaohsiung Medical University, Professor, Taiwan

Enago edited my paper very quickly. The suggestions provided by Enago editors were relevant and in line with the journal instruction. My paper has been accepted in a journal with a 2.x impact factor! The reviewer accepted my paper and did not suggest any language related issues. After using Enago, my publication was smoother and quicker than my previous two scientific papers. I would recommend Enago to anyone who requires quick and quality service.

Ping-Fang Chiu, Changhua Christian Hospital, Doctor, Taiwan

I've used Enago's Advance Editing service for the first time. The turn-around time is fast. Above all, my paper has been successfully accepted by the journal! I recommend Enago's service and will definitely use it again.

Chin-Chieh Chin, Tri-Service General Hospital, Doctor, Taiwan

I have edited my articles using your service twice. Thanks for your conscientious, scrupulous, and reliable attitude. I will recommend your service to my friends, and I will definitely use your service again in the future.

Zuochen Li, Chang’an University, Student, China

We have used the transcription service offered by Voxtab for some of our projects and we were happy with the overall services. Voxtab team always answered our queries / requests in a timely manner and adhered to the agreed delivery deadlines. The prices offered by Voxtab are reasonable and overall they proved to be a great service provider. We would not hesitate to use their transcription services in future (if needed).

Mael Tannou, Capgemini Consulting France, Manager

I really appreciate your efforts in transcribing my audio. We are very much satisfied with your quality. I'm impressed with your delivery time since I received my file before the promised time.

Akiko Ninomiya, Kanematsu Wellness Corporation

I have used Voxtab for my entire requirement with regards to transcription services, and I am overall happy to receive the files before the deadline. Also, the quality of output is much higher as compared to the fees charged for the assignment.

Kiyomi Shimizu, International University of Health and Welfare, Assistant Professor

Thank you for your e-mail, and I appreciate your good job! It's PERFECT! I received the document safely. Thanks a lot and regards.

Osamu Ota, JAPAN CCS CO., LTD., Mgr. Public Relations Dept.

Enago edited my high-volume book project and I was very impressed with both their editing quality & customer service. Considering this was a 2-month-long project which also involved multiple rounds of conference calls with the native editor working on my file. I must say that Enago was able to facilitate the entire coordination very smoothly and ensured that all my questions or feedback was handled in a timely manner. The editor was very cooperative at every stage of this book editing project and played a major role in polishing the overall English language. Overall, I am extremely happy with the service provided by Enago and surely look forward to working with same team again for my future projects.

Simon Vine, Alfa-Bank, Russia

I have found Enago's English editing service absolutely perfect for my needs, because their service is excellent in providing the better American/English style and the best grammatical constructions, and also because of the strong subject matter expertise of their professional editors. I am impressed by the excellent editing service provided by Enago. I also gained several insights that will be helpful in writing. The manuscript has successfully been accepted for publication by the best medical journal in my research field. I can therefore recommend Enago to all non-native researchers and authors in Medicine.

Ishag Adam, University of Khartoum, Professor, Sudan

Although I thought my English was advanced, I experienced the necessity of editing for academic manuscripts. Enago offers a high quality, swift, and trustworthy editing services. They delivered the edited files on time and their prices are also reasonable. Overall, I have been satisfied with Enago and I highly recommend Enago’s English editing service as it works in a professional manner. Keep up the good work!

Zane Zhang, Pacific Biological Station, Canada

I am satisfied with the overall quality of translation service provided by you. The translator translated my manuscript without changing the original intended meaning. I will use your translation service in the future if I have any requirements. Thank you

Akiko Ikeda, Professor - Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing

We desired a particular style of translation with use of fluent words and good grammar. Ulatus matched our expectation at every step, and there was no mistake. The document was ready before the scheduled delivery date, making it a very good experience.

Chiba Western General Hospital HK customers

I am very pleased with the translation service that Ulatus provided us. They used good English and I am also satisfied with the content of the document. I rate them quite high among the translation companies and would definitely try them again.

Yamagata University School of Medicine

Really happy and grateful that Ulatus were flexible for our project, as it was on a very short notice. I thank the staff for being helpful and extremely quick with our work.

University of Tokyo

I used translation service level 1 from Ulatus. The translation was very nice and easy to read. Content was presented in a very simple manner. We will definitely use Ulatus again in future.

Aichi Gakuin University

The replies from client services were prompt and courteous. Quality of the translation was very high. We have always used service level 3, and are extremely happy with the quality. I highly recommend Ulatus for people who are looking for high quality translation.

Kyorin University

Translation quality and delivery time of Ulatus was great. It was our first experience, but we will definitely use them again. We are very happy with the turnaround time.

Medical Corporation Kai hospital

Ulatus translated my paper with extreme professionalism and great quality. I would like to thank everyone at Ulatus. Delivery time was so quick and everything went smoothly. We highly recommend Ulatus.

Fujisangyo Co.

Thank you very much for the file. It is amazing to have them before the deadline. It is helpful for my work.

Renge Jibu

Thank you very much for your hard work. I've received the files. Your transcription was very fast and helpful.

Izumi Yokoyama, Hitotsubashi University

I am completely satisfied with the overall quality of the service provided to me. The file has been provided before the deadline. Definitely recommend Voxtab for all transcription needs with high-quality and quick.

Noboru Nagamine, Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.

I always use Voxtab for all my transcription because the quality of the transcription is very good and the file is always delivered on time. The staff at Voxtab is also very helpful

Hirotsugu Kubo, Saitama Children's Medical Center

Voxtab has provided me a very good quality transcription service. It is very easy to order. I would use Voxtab service for my future transcription needs.

Asami Hoshi, E.C.PRO Inc.

The completed file was provided sent to me my delivery time. The Quality of this transcription was very good. The client servicing staff was also very helpful and polite. Definitely recommend Voxtab for all your transcription needs

Atsushi Kobayashi, Sompo Japan Research Institute

I am completely satisfied with the overall quality of the service provided to me. The Client servicing person was very helpful. I feel it is very helpful as you deliver the files on time. I thank you for your quality service.

Mariko Takahashi, The Asahi Shimbun Company

Our commitment to deliver a Wow experience to all our revered clients emanates from our strict adherence to integrity in our approach towards work, our respect for client’s needs and requirements, simplicity in all our systems, and achievement of continuous improvisation through the principle of Kaizen.

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Testimonial: Enago's services are agile and efficient - Bruna Picciani, Brazil

Enago's services are agile and efficient; they certainly represent a good cost/benefit option. Everyone who assisted us is kind and always available to clarify our doubts.

Bruna Picciani, Brazil

Universidade Federal Fluminense, PhD Student

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