Corporate Social Responsibility

Staying true to our mission and values will guide us toward investing responsibly, and creating sustainable opportunities for decades to come. We believe that change happens from within.

We believe that we contribute to a social cause every time we serve a customer. We have chiefly added to many international scientific journals in subjects including climate change, resource conservation, urban population and sustainable business, through our research and publication support services. This consciousness of influencing the society through our services has underpinned our business development for more than a decade. And we continue to strengthen this belief; it helps us become more cognizant of our social responsibilities.

Our Priorities

We set our priorities by being mindful of our immediate surroundings, as we strive to become the best neighbor and employer. We focus on issues that matter to our people, clients and communities. We have set our priorities – diversity and inclusivity, environmental sustainability, social awareness and community giving.

At Crimson, we continually enhance the benefits & development programs in order to support the career progression of our employees at and outside work. We recognize and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our people. To this end, we ensure that everyone feels respected and has equal access to all resources.

Internally, we have set up methods to shift to a lower-carbon economy. Out of the many ways, we are advancing clean technology, reducing waste and fostering a culture of environmental stewardship. We are gradually adopting renewable sources of energy to power our internal operations. We have initiated car-pool and cab pick-drop for convenient, eco-friendly conveyance of our people.

The care and compassion of our people helps us bring our culture to life. Our people generously give valuable volunteer hours to the communities. Our CSR team is an amalgamation of members who reflect volunteerism, determination and leadership. They identify social issues across all major categories, and formulate effective teams around campaigns. The cornerstone of our efforts has been around self-help coaching, charitable giving, fighting hunger, and environmental sustainability.

Explore real stories of our social responsibility

Here are some of the initiatives that our Hope Crusaders undertook in the past year:

Spreading Smiles - Crimson Welcomes Children from St. Catherine of Siena School and Orphanage

Crimson Office - November-2016

Crimson welcomed 24 children from the orphanage of St. Catherine hoping to spread a little joy and happiness to the children. We planned for days, wanting to make sure that they remembered this day for a long while. Little did we know how largely they would touch our hearts with their laughter and smiles. Looking back, it seems that it was not them who were the lucky ones to have this day, but US!

Spreading Smiles - A Visit to Little Sisters of the Poor

Andheri East – January-2018

We started this year on a positive note by spending time with the residents of Little Sisters of the Poor, an old age home in Andheri. Our visit included a lot of games, music, and interactions. We also played a small role in the home’s effort to build a new shelter for their elderly residents. This visit has definitely left us with a lifetime of memories and blessings.

From the Archives
The 2014 Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) floods rocked our nation with the sheer devastation that was caused to human life as well as state infrastructure. India, as a united nation, came to the state’s aid in the form of monetary funds and daily articles of requirement. Crimson Interactive, to do its bit, collaborated with an NGO, GOONJ, to make a conscious effort toward this nation-wide contribution by donating funds to help the victims of the J&K floods. All donations were made toward RAHAT Floods (a GOONJ initiative). Monetary donations made ranged from Rs.500 to Rs.5000 per person. The total amount donated by Crimsonites was doubled by Crimson and sent to the flood-stricken area. With this activity, Crimson made a sincere attempt to be an active part of the restoration process initiated by the Indian government by donating a substantial amount to the relief project.

Crimson Interactive firmly believes in contributing to the society when in dire need or otherwise. This activity was enthusiastically driven by Crimson Interactive’s Human Resource team as a step toward building a strong society aided by a strong consciousness.
In collaboration with the Teach for India initiative, we invited a group of underprivileged children to visit our office in June 2012. This trip was organized to educate and engage these children in a collective activity that would act as a learning experience as well as allow them the exposure into a different environment, perhaps encouraging them to work harder to achieve greatness. During their visit to our office, all Crimsonites actively interacted with these children. They were taught some basic computer skills including typing their names using word, paint for drawing, taking printouts, and other activities. This was our sincere attempt to indulge in benefitting those who are underprivileged, not by choice but by mere circumstance.
Crimson strongly believes in education for all. Therefore, we constantly encourage Crimsonites to contribute to the society as per their personal capacity. Several Crimsonites fund one or more girl child’s education through NGOs such as C.R.Y and Oxfam. We are proud of the initiative that Crimsonites take in ensuring that India’s youth is educated irrespective of monetary or other limitations. We try our best to bring about a change by being a part of the change.
Every Christmas, we carry out a planned donation activity to help the underprivileged. As a part of this initiative, we encourage all Crimsonites to actively participate in the initiative by donating previously used or new clothes, toys, and other reusable objects. These items are them properly packed and collectively donated to an NGO called Swagat Ashram Charitable Trust (Malad West). We sincerely believe that to be lucky enough to have it all warrants us to acknowledge that not all are as lucky as us. With this realization, all Crimsonites actively indulge in this annual activity to be part of a greater good.

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