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Our specialized services are designed for a diverse client base including researchers who wish to get their work published in high impact factor journals and corporate clients functioning within various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, automobiles, banking, and media and communication.


Research has its desired impact only when it is shared on a global platform. The process of information (research) sharing consists of several components with each requiring specific expertise. Considering the niche requirements of academia, our services have been designed to efficiently aid our revered clients at every step of the research publication process. We have a dedicated team of experts who specialize in more than 1000 subject areas. Our team along with our stringent quality control processes helps us ensure that our services always exceed our client’s expectations.

Our service offerings are available to all our clients belonging to various academic fields. Our diverse clientele includes individual researchers, universities, research institutions, hospitals, scientific societies, journals, and academic societies.


Our service offerings are expertly designed to cater to the specific needs of corporate clients. Specific solutions for all our corporate clients include a dedicated manager, special pricing, local language customer support, and customizable automated project management support.

Different industries have different requirements. Our experts are equipped with excellent and well-researched industry knowledge and have the capability to handle industry-specific nuances. We cater to several industry verticals, including automobiles, engineering, media, banking and finance, advertising and marketing, and the government.


The process of bringing a new drug into the market is long, very tedious, and intensive, and involves several steps, including initial screening and synthesis, toxicity studies, clinical trials, marketing and sales materials, and post-launch safety studies. At each step of this process, a lot of research-related data and materials require well written and unambiguous documentation in several languages. Our team has the requisite expertise in technical and scientific documentation for the pharmaceutical industry. We assist in preparing documents for regulatory bodies and ethics committees, clinical trials documentations, marketing materials, promotional materials, press releases, research documentation, and a lot more. We maintain the highest professional standards and ensure zero margins for errors while working on all documents. The exact scientific, medical, and technical terminologies are retained in the communication.

Life Sciences

Life sciences include diverse disciplines including plant sciences, microbiology, biology, zoology, animal health, pharmaceutical sciences, and environmental studies amongst others. This results in a major impact of the research in the life sciences domain on several industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Our team of experts is well versed in comprehending the complexities inherent in the domain of life sciences and has the requisite expertise in preparing accurate and superior quality materials for journal publication and documentation of policies and procedures for public communication, and developing research presentations for international meetings and conferences.

Automobile industry

Automobile industry has been the center of innovation. Several technological innovations such as “green cars” and completely electric motorcycles mark the evolution and growth of this industry. In order to get across correct information to all stakeholders, including project partners and clients, language experts with an in-depth understanding of the automobile industry and armed with detailed scientific knowledge of various fields including chemical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental sciences, and legal documentation are required. Our expert editors and translators fulfill all these criteria, and help our clients become truly global. They also help our clients in developing excellent-quality localized manuals, specification documentations, marketing material, packaging material, and R&D resources.

Banking & Finance

Banking and finance industry has several key stakeholders including creditors, depositors, investors, financial regulators, consumer watchdogs, central banks, governments, academics, and media. Our team comprising expert editors as well as translators is well versed in specific requirements and legal restrictions required in this industry. We provide our services in all possible domains of banking and finance industry including corporate lending, public finance, personal retirement planning, insurance, consumer credit, hedge funds, equity research, and subprime lending, amongst others.

We fulfill the key requirement for working with banking and finance industry, i.e., the industry expertise. We offer our editing and translation services for a broad range of deliverables including marketing documentation, legal contracts, and reports for stakeholders and academic literature.


Engineering forms the core of most of the path-breaking innovations happening across the globe. From machines used in high-tech manufacturing to high-end computer hardware and software used in research, the contribution of engineering can be felt across all domains. With an increase in businesses based on engineering and technology going global, the need for sharing accurate information with people of different regions has also increased. We are experts in delivering clear and accurate technical documentations and manuals in different languages, thereby aiding global communication. Our specialized linguists and industry experts ensure accurate communication that has been customized according to different regions.


Media industry thrives on the fundamental need of creating, sharing, and communicating knowledge and experience with the world. The content is usually a mix of images, graphics, audio, and other forms of non-, extra-, and paralinguistic communication, thereby making the communication process extremely complex. We understand these needs and have accordingly designed our services to inculcate all cultural specifics in our work.

We offer a wide range of services including news translation, dubbing of television programs, subtitling of movies, developing content for region-specific brochures, advertisements, and website content translation of interviews and conference proceedings.

Advertisement & Marketing

Localization of communication is extremely important. Our team of professional translators, linguists, and English editors utilize their linguistic expertise and cultural knowledge along with their learning from practical experiences in the field of marketing, resulting in a highly effective communication with an appeal to multicultural customers by connecting with them on a deeper, more emotional level. We help our clients in the development of region-specific websites, advertising and branding materials, signage, multimedia presentations, packaging materials, press releases, white papers, and a lot more, without compromising on the content integrity, meaning, and intended purpose. We help our clients achieve seamless transition between global communication and local communication, thereby retaining brand unity.

Information Technology

Today, information technology has become a ubiquitous fact of our life. Companies have clients from across the world benefiting from high-end IT services and products, and from devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, web and other applications, and database management. Our team comprises translators and editors who have the required technical expertise, practical working knowledge, and cultural fluency to produce flawless localized documentation. We help our clients in developing localized IT and software development tools, adapting smartphone apps and other apps for foreign markets, API documentation for developers, end-user manuals, legal documentation, internal documentation for employees in different regions, and much more.


The advent of the internet has enabled retailers to reach out to a global customer base. With this comes the task of providing product descriptions, privacy policies, and corporate messaging, and branding material, marketing material, employee training material, legal contracts, and a lot more for customers as well as employees from different regions in their specific languages. This communication also requires an in-depth knowledge of local culture and customs to be truly effective. Our team of experts has the requisite knowledge to meet the cultural sensibilities and expectations of the client’s target customer base, thereby bridging the language gap through our services for the retail sector.


In this age of globalization, law firms have expanded into new markets and new practice areas, thus representing an extremely diverse clientele. In this field, the choice of words and terminology used is extremely critical as even a minute variation has the capability to alter the outcome of any legal case. The understanding of the government entity being dealt with, legal concepts involved, document structure, and terminology used are important considerations to be kept while creating legal documentation. We offer services for development and translation of all kinds of legal documents, including birth certificates, marriage licenses, contracts, petitions, and degrees.


In government communication, accuracy and confidentiality of information conveyed are highly critical. This communication can be related to a varied set of domains and is required to be worded carefully to avoid any ambiguity or distortions in the meaning owing to their sensitive nature. The nature of the communication varies from explicitly stated messages to messages where the intended meaning is subtly expressed. Keeping this in mind, our expert language services are designed to help a government communicate with other governments, organizations, and businesses as well as with its own citizens across the globe in several different languages. Our experts have the capability to handle such complex and highly technical language requirements.

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  • Client: Fujitsu
  • Client: Guinness World Records
  • Client: Hitachi
  • Client: MIT
  • Client: Sony
  • Client: Toyota
  • Client: The University of Tokyo
  • Client: The University of Sydney
  • Client: Wiley
  • Client: Elsevier
  • Client: Capgemini
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