Crimson has a 12-year old narration of operational innovation, a heritage of which we are proud. The appetite for innovation truly straddles our mission statement at Crimson Interactive, one that matters.

innovation At Crimson

To be able to think creatively is the mark of an innovative mind. We at Crimson believe and live by this ideal. Over the years, innovation has been our driving force. Today, we are known as one of the most progressive companies that believes in constantly creating and improvising to be the best in the industry.

Here is all that Glitters at Crimson
Reverse Outsourcing

India has always been relegated to be being a back office for multinationals across the globe. At Crimson, we decided to change this. It all started with the invention of our unique Reverse Outsourcing model.

Manuscript Rate Card

We offer language services to clients from all over the world. Our aim is not just to provide a service but also to seek ways such that the client benefits in the long run from our comments.

Enago Tags

Working for a global clientele can be a challenging experience. Language acts as the biggest barrier when it comes to effective communication.

Twin Editor Model

Our philosophy is that every manuscript needs to be looked at from the eyes of a subject matter expert and an English language expert.

Crimson's First Publication

Crimson took a step forward in 2009 and released its first book in Japanese, 英語のバカヤロー! ~「英語の壁」に挑んだ12人の日本人~ ("English idiot! I hate you—12 Japanese authors who tackled the English language barrier").

Journal Selection Tool

Researchers across the globe seek to publish their seminal work in the most ideal journal, suitable in terms of the topics that it engages in and intended audience that it caters to.

ISO Certification

Our commitment and dedication has led to our success story. We have been lauded for our quality services and have been accredited by regulatory organizations.

Client & Editor Interviews

In a one-of-a-kind endeavor to effectively map out the trials and travails that Japanese researchers face while publishing their work in English language

“Innovation is part creativity and part technique. It is all about binding imagination with skill.”

We are the industry movers, the game changers, and the risk takers. Our drive to achieve the unachievable has made us what we are today—simply the best!

We have worked with these companies

  • Client: Panasonic
  • Client: Canon
  • Client: Daiichi-Sankyo
  • Client: Fujitsu
  • Client: Guinness World Records
  • Client: Hitachi
  • Client: MIT
  • Client: Sony
  • Client: Toyota
  • Client: The University of Tokyo
  • Client: The University of Sydney
  • Client: Wiley
  • Client: Elsevier
  • Client: Capgemini
Testimonial: The editors at Enago did a great job. - Kang Jaehoon, Korea

The editors at Enago did a great job. Enago's editing and Manuscript Rate Card helped me add more value and understand the subject matter well. Quick turnaround time, professional editing and client services staff make Enago my preferred editing company. I recommend Enago to anyone who would like to use a high quality editing service. Good going Enago! I will definitely use your service again.

Kang Jaehoon, Korea

Franklin Translation, Head of the Department

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