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Interview: Nicola Unger, Editorial Management
What were your career aspirations while you were pursuing your studies? Do your personal convictions/goals align with what you are doing now at Crimson?

While pursuing my studies, I had plans in marine fishery (even something as creative as underwater photography). However, I could not pursue this further as it required me to move abroad, which I was not in favor of at the time. However, in retrospect, I am thankful that things didn’t work out because then Crimson happened! Crimson, a place that has given me the ideal workspace and the creativity that I was looking for. The work culture in Crimson is innovative (creativity in an all-new sense), growth-oriented, and motivating, and provides me with all possible opportunities to keep adding to my skill sets and expanding by knowledge. Most importantly, it still keeps me exposed to my subject area and many more disciplines, thus increasing my perspective and understanding. There is nothing more one could ask for. As a career-oriented person, one would seek growth, opportunity, challenge, and recognition, and Crimson offers you all this and much more.

Interview: Nicola Unger, Editorial Management
Why did you join Crimson Interactive? (Please tell us about the reasons that motivated you to choose a career path very different from that of your peers.)

Frankly, when I was deciding what path I should undertake as a career, I was being very secure and selective. I wanted everything together–to stay in touch with my subject area, to see growth in the place I join, to enjoy my work (which would indirectly mean a comfortable and good work culture and environment), and to learn something new each day. When I came for the interview, the optimism and motivation was obvious with the young bubbly committed people that I was interacting with. Then, I attempted the test and I realized how interesting and enlightening the nature of work was. I decided to take up the opportunity, and 5 years 9 months down the line, I regret nothing. Going the unconventional route invited a lot of discussion and advice from my peers against my choice. Today, when they compare my growth to theirs, the question of why I chose Crimson is automatically answered.

Interview: Nicola Unger, Editorial Management
How will you describe the work environment at Crimson?

The work environment at Crimson is all that one would want. It is exciting and challenging–each day you come in expecting something new to do and you are never disappointed. It is motivating–you are given all the necessary tools and assistance as well as opportunity and recognition to complete your work comfortably, which gives you ultimate satisfaction at the end of the day. It is fun–it’s not just work throughout the day, but you have your share of fun and frolic. The people are exuberant and it just helps you refresh multiple times during your work day. Most importantly, it is transparent–you can talk with your manager, present a problem, provide a suggestion. You can approach the CEO anytime. Crimsonites aren’t colleagues; they are a family working together.

Interview: Nicola Unger, Editorial Management
During your tenure with Crimson, please describe a few things that you have experienced which you will cherish for life?

There are many such moments. First, when I was made Assistant Managing Editor of the Medicine and Biosciences team. I was quite young at the time, but Crimson trusted my capabilities and believed in my potential and thus entrusted me with the role. Thereafter, I, along with many other deserving Crimsonites, was awarded the “Business Partner” title, which meant that I was capable of a lot more. I was capable of thinking strategically and providing innovative suggestions for the business. I received the “Most Client-Oriented Crimsonite” award, again an encouragement. Then, I was spoken to regarding the role of “Senior Manager, Quality and Training.” I remember I was quite surprised, given the level of responsibility and ownership that comes with the role. However, yet again, Crimson gave me the confidence that I would be able to manage the responsibilities and take ownership as expected. I remember being nervous yet excited and motivated to face challenges and meet expectations of those who believed in me. I was once again entrusted with managing not just the Medicine and Biosciences teams of editors but also the Physical Sciences and Arts and Humanities Teams. However, the most cherished moment and will always remain so was when I was awarded the “Best Crimsonite” award. I was so excited and overwhelmed at how Crimson had kept recognizing my contribution and had rewarded me for each thing I did. These will always remain the most cherished moments.

Interview: Nicola Unger, Editorial Management
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Our commitment to deliver a Wow experience to all our revered clients emanates from our strict adherence to integrity in our approach towards work; our respect for client’s needs and requirements; simplicity in all our systems; and achievement of continuous improvisation through the principle of Kaizen.

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0 Presence in 89 countries = Atomic number of Actinium

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0 Our head count is 200 = The smallest base 10 unprimeable number

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  • Client: Panasonic
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Awards and Recognitions

Awards: BIZZ 2014 Award
Awards: Google SME Heroes Award 2013
Google SME Heroes Award 2013
Awards: The World Quality Commitment Award 2012
The World Quality Commitment Award 2012
Awards: Red Herring Global and Asia

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