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Processing manuscripts and sharing published papers across platforms is a vital but challenging task for all journals. We focus on helping the research community prepare and share content to facilitate knowledge sharing in the field of academic publishing. Crimson offers end-to-end journal production services with workflows that help journal publishers get the best out of their content and publish articles online, ahead of print.

What we offer

The journal production services that we offer are as follows:

  • Copyediting for a variety of subject areas
  • Style and reference formatting as per journal requirement
  • Image processing
  • Journal-customized XML-based typesetting
  • Author communication, query resolution, and proof checking
  • DTD-based (e.g., NLM DTD) SGML or XML file generation for websites and portals like PubMed
  • Issue compilation and management
  • Publication style guide preparation
  • End-to-end project management
  • Web PDF/Smart PDF
The workflow

The complete process from receiving an accepted manuscript to its final release is managed through a very simple and proficient process. We offer our esteemed clients the advantage and guarantee of Crimson Quality and the benefit of our top-notch editing services. Our experience and expertise in the area of academic publishing makes us an ideal editorial partner for journals and publication houses. We offer the best possible match of quality and cost with a quick turnaround time.

Journal Production Services
Work flow for journal production
Journal production features
Our clients can also opt for partnerships and corporate tie-ups with us. These opportunities include White Labelling, Joint Branding, Re-seller Program, and Discounted service.

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Our head count is 200 = The smallest base 10 unprimeable number

We have worked with these companies

  • Client: Panasonic
  • Client: Canon
  • Client: Daiichi-Sankyo
  • Client: Fujitsu
  • Client: Guinness World Records
  • Client: Hitachi
  • Client: MIT
  • Client: Sony
  • Client: Toyota
  • Client: The University of Tokyo
  • Client: The University of Sydney
  • Client: Wiley
  • Client: Elsevier
  • Client: Capgemini
Testimonial: Ulatus is our first choice of partner for translations. - Kate Carlson, United Kingdom

I have to say that when it comes to deadlines, Ulatus know what they're doing! I'm quick to respond myself… but with these guys I've really met my match. It's a pleasure to work with them. I'm always travelling, but I have to confess that they are always available, whatever time zone I'm in: Ulatus is our first choice of partner for translations of our features documents

Kate Carlson, United Kingdom

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