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We are a humming research ecosystem powered by our people who bring in a diverse set of personalities, skills and points of view.
People Overview

Even though all Crimsonites come from diverse backgrounds, they share a few aspirations in common: a hunger for exploration, a willingness to challenge conventional thinking, and a desire to provide one-of-a-kind solution to our clients.

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Employees are Women
Strength of Millennials
Why people love Crimson Interactive?

Crimson focuses on helping employees achieve a balance in their personal and professional life. For this, we offer various avenues for their growth and progress. You will find various opportunities at Crimson to realize your full potential and succeed.

Awarded by HRAI

We have been awarded by the Human Resources association of India in three categories namely, Most Innovative L&D Program, Outstanding Employee Engagement Strategy & CEO for HR.

These awards are particularly meaningful because it is a testament to the culture we have been able to establish – one that ensures we are delivering impactful results to our customers while creating a supportive environment for Crimsonites to learn, succeed and thrive at the company and beyond.

Benefits & Development

Every Crimsonite has access to a variety of exclusive advantages and benefits designed to help them explore their full potential and excel personally and professionally.


Leadership Programs – Includes award-winning initiatives like T-Square and L.E.A.P. that let Crimsonites develop leadership skills

Financial Benefits – Monetary incentives that reward performances and enable Crimsonites to make the most of their own finances

Personal Benefits – Flexible leave systems that give employees significant control over their affairs, enabling them to create the optimum work-life balance

Cultural Advantages – An egalitarian and highly collaborative work environment designed to make working at Crimson an engaging an enjoyable experience.

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Women at Crimson

At Crimson, delivering value to thousands of scholars and enterprises requires the grit and discipline of our employees – men and women equally. In fact, nearly half of our employees are women. The numbers are even higher among leaders.

For more than a decade, women at Crimson have espoused our spirit of service. They have made a commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of our peers, neighbors and customers. Women have changed the way we work; they have brought about an atmosphere of purpose, created a flat organizational dialogue, and innovated products that demonstrate our values. To date, we have always encouraged women to grow as a leader. We offer a variety of initiatives and host a dozen targeted resources for women to succeed. As an organization for women and working families, we are par excellence.

Women at Crimson dream big and keep the inspiration alive, evidently.

Join the legacy of female leadership at Crimson? Explore Careers at Crimson

Diversity and Inclusivity at Crimson

Your job at Crimson Interactive will help millions of researchers achieve their fundamental success. Just like all Crimsonites, if you are passionate about a balanced life and meaningful career, join us on our journey. Join us

Melting Pot of Cultures

Crimson Interactive is composed of a curious mix of scientists, doctors, physiotherapists, dentists, writers, poets, engineers, financial advisors, and economists. They bring a flock of educational backgrounds and a broad combination of professional experiences with a penchant for solving real-life problems. From Japan to India and across our offices in between, people respect each other’s cultural sensitivities and work together to deliver high-quality innovative solutions. Here at Crimson, dreamers meet doers. Hear from our people

Community and Mentorship

People at Crimson thrive in a different kind of environment. One that feeds their innate curiosity to learn. Our achievements depend on committed and motivated employees. Through constructive dialogue with our people, we have been able to place the right emphasis on employee development plans, performance management and talent management. At Crimson, we offer customized mentorship programs that help our people maximize their actions, develop their network, and evolve into leaders.

Leadership at Crimson

From the beginning, the culture of leadership at Crimson follows a simple principle of being a cultural leader. Crimson Interactive has been guided by leaders like these, who consistently smarten the culture at work and exhibit clear goals to achieve the next level of success. In doing so, the leadership team focuses on solving problems effectively, seeking fresh perspectives, and mentoring others with a strong results orientation. At Crimson, a leader emphasizes on creating a culture that inspires others to lead. Meet our leaders

Crimson in numbers


2,000000 Happy clients = there are more than 2 million species of animals on earth
Presence in

125 is the only number known that contains all its proper divisors as proper substrings.
Head Count

Our head count is 200 = The smallest base 10 unprimeable number

We have worked with these companies

  • Client: Panasonic
  • Client: Canon
  • Client: Daiichi-Sankyo
  • Client: Fujitsu
  • Client: Guinness World Records
  • Client: Hitachi
  • Client: MIT
  • Client: Sony
  • Client: Toyota
  • Client: The University of Tokyo
  • Client: The University of Sydney
  • Client: Wiley
  • Client: Elsevier
  • Client: Capgemini

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Testimonial: Enago's editors have good subject matter expertise.  - Saim Emim, Slovenia

The Copyediting service provided by Enago is good and the editor improved the overall language of my manuscript. Enago's editors have good subject matter expertise. The free advance report provided during the time of final file delivery helped me understand the extent of changes along with areas of improvement for my future projects. I will recommend this service to my colleagues based on my personal experience. Keep up the good work Enago!

Saim Emim, Slovenia

University of Nova Gorica, Assistant Professor

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