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Do what you love; love what you do, at Crimson.

Life at Crimson centers around our core values: Commitment, Wow, Kaizen, Respect, Simplicity, Integrity. These values make us uniquely Crimson. We keep our culture extremely healthy and strong that makes us an incredible place to work at. We are admired by all because we take care of each other, work collaboratively, and have fun together. Our culture comes shining through in these videos of our employees sharing their experiences at Crimson.Scroll down to witness Crimson's memorable moments.

Career Growth at Crimson

We have recognized in the last decade’s experiences that all the little steps that we take every day sum up to big breakthroughs.

That’s why we take every single step with passion and purpose. To keep up the momentum of these little steps, Crimson offers some of the most competitive benefits for the career growth of employees at work. By joining Crimson, you’ll have a unique opportunity of unfolding personal talent and interests. And together, we will touch many lives.

At Crimson, you decide your path, and flourish.

Expats at Crimson

Crimson's multiculturalism and dynamism is aptly reflected in our expats.

For bright and passionate individuals, there are no differences at Crimson. As a global firm, we attract and retain talent from diverse backgrounds to achieve maximum business performance. Our expats are critical to our success as they encourage people to share diverse perspectives and opinions that are essential for innovation. They are doing something remarkable.

Fun at Crimson

At Crimson, you are a part of the tribe, so blow off the steam and create experiences.s

Play ping-pong, access natural beauty; socialize at and outside work, volunteer for the cause you care, at Crimson. While most of the fun at Crimson is unplanned, there’s a dosage of fun in our planned quarterly dinners, team outings and cultural events. This is how Crimsonites have bonded to step outside their comfort zones.

Editors at Crimson

Editors@Crimson are a team of extraordinary subject matter experts working together to deliver impeccable research communications.

The biggest team at Crimson – the editorial team brings to work knowledge from diverse subject areas, awareness of the latest trends across industries, and an insatiable quest to know more. Cross path with our editors, and you’ll realize that they are some of the most brilliant minds whose interests reach far beyond just their subject expertise. With honor, our editors challenge the status quo. They are the hallmark of our success story.

Crimson in numbers


2,000000 Happy clients = there are more than 2 million species of animals on earth
Presence in

125 is the only number known that contains all its proper divisors as proper substrings.
Head Count

Our head count is 200 = The smallest base 10 unprimeable number

We have worked with these companies

  • Client: Panasonic
  • Client: Canon
  • Client: Daiichi-Sankyo
  • Client: Fujitsu
  • Client: Guinness World Records
  • Client: Hitachi
  • Client: MIT
  • Client: Sony
  • Client: Toyota
  • Client: The University of Tokyo
  • Client: The University of Sydney
  • Client: Wiley
  • Client: Elsevier
  • Client: Capgemini

Life at Crimson (See Videos)

Testimonial: I do recommend it to other researchers. - Fabrício Cieslak, Brazil

The service process carried out by Enago is perfect with a quick deadline along with excellent scientific precision of the manuscript. I intend to use the company's services for my future publications and I do recommend it to other researchers.

Fabrício Cieslak, Brazil

Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco - UNIVASF, Professor

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