Crimsonite Wishlist

Well, we may have achieved quite a few things thus far, but that does not mean we are done. Here's a list of things that
Crimsonite's wish for.

PS: Keep a pinch of salt handy before reading.

I wish that Crimson has an office on Mars one day.

I wish that Crimson offers translation
and transcription services for alien languages.

I wish that Crimson has offices in so many different
countries that we have to set up a social networking site
like Facebook just for Crimsonites across the globe.

I wish that there is a Crimson App installed in the phones
of all non-native English speaking research students enrolled in
international universities, such that the moment they write a paper,
they click on the Crimsoni app and send their paper to us.

I wish that Crimson merchandize is available at
international terminals of airports especially targeting students
who are going to a foreign destination to study.

I wish to see our CEO, Sharad Mittal,
write a biography that is as famous as that of Steve Jobs!

I wish that Crimson sponsors the next Cricket World Cup.

I wish that Google employs Ulatus to
improve the translation quality of Google Translate.

I wish to see Amitabh Bachchan as the brand ambassador
of Crimson, promoting Crimson in all KBC seasons.

I wish that Crimson starts in-film branding
such that Crimson as a brand is featured in Hollywood
and Bollywood movies, especially in movies
with a university education backdrop.

Crimson in numbers


2,000000 Happy clients = there are more than 2 million species of animals on earth
Presence in

125 is the only number known that contains all its proper divisors as proper substrings.
Head Count

Our head count is 200 = The smallest base 10 unprimeable number

We have worked with these companies

  • Client: Panasonic
  • Client: Canon
  • Client: Daiichi-Sankyo
  • Client: Fujitsu
  • Client: Guinness World Records
  • Client: Hitachi
  • Client: MIT
  • Client: Sony
  • Client: Toyota
  • Client: The University of Tokyo
  • Client: The University of Sydney
  • Client: Wiley
  • Client: Elsevier
  • Client: Capgemini
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