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We are Crimson

Crimson Interactive is a pioneer and the global pacesetter in the field of diversified language solutions. Its services have helped over 2 million authors and clients across 125 countries achieve superior communication results.

Over time, the brand Crimson has become synonymous with quality and excellence. Its innovative solutions have gone on to become industry-wide standards for service delivery, winning it awards and huge international acclaim.


Enago is a trusted name internationally for English editing and publication support services. Its diverse portfolio of tailor-made solutions is designed to enable academic researchers to achieve publishing success. Enago also works to empower the global scholarly community by offering powerful learning programs, giving early-stage researchers the tools they need to succeed on their own.

Ulatus is one of the world’s leading translation and localization service providers. It leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver impactful communication localization for clients and customers worldwide. Its pool of 2000+ language and subject-matter experts are proficient at delivering superlative quality and accuracy. Its global presence lets it support its clients with local teams, 24x7.

Voxtab provides a host of high quality audio-to- text solutions, including transcription, captioning and subtitling. Its services help create significant efficiencies for its global clientele, including businesses, media houses, institutions, as well as standalone customers. Voxtab helps them derive maximum value out of their audio and visual content, and boost the global viewership of their videos.

Enago Life Sciences is a leading global medical communications partner to healthcare and bio-pharmaceutical companies, offering a full range of services supporting brand strategies through development phases to commercialization. Our global team of experts has extensive knowledge and unsurpassed experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas. We focus our innovation on factors critical to our clients – reducing time to market, reducing costs, and improving quality.

Trinka is an AI-powered grammar correction and language enhancement writing assistant designed for academic and technical writing. It is developed by a team of linguists, engineers, and data scientists with a deep desire to create a future with barrier-free communication. We built our writing assistant to support all kinds of people in all kinds of communication—from personal to academic to everyday conversations.

RAx is an AI-powered online Research Assistant that helps academic researchers to boost their productivity by adapting to their evolving subjective needs throughout their research life-cycle. RAx enables the researchers to discover, understand, and review research-related resources, (ii) easily connect their newly developed insights with their previous reviews and current work-in-progress, and (iii) seamlessly disseminate and discuss their findings within the team.

Reverse Outsourcing

Innovation is in Crimson’s DNA. We introduced the unique concept of “Reverse Outsourcing” in academic editing in India. India is known to have a strong outsourcing industry. Outsourcing to western countries from India seemed like a weird and failed concept. We took on this challenge and successfully established this model, becoming the first editing company in India to employ experts from the USA and U.K. Today, several companies emulate this innovative model. We have helped place India on the global map as a highly regarded knowledge hub and not just a hot outsourcing destination.

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A peek into the company


A melting pot of cultures, nationalities, and talent, where employee growth is as valued as business excellence.

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Benefits and Development
Benefits and Development

A host of exclusive advantages designed to help every Crimsonite explore their full potential and excel personally and professionally.

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