Aspects that set us Apart!

Being technology-driven, we stand out in many ways that clearly attest our passion to develop unique products, with our diverse tech stack, unique and robust processes, and dependable systems as key contributors to the way we orchestrate and execute our strategic product roadmap.


As industry pioneers, we make best use of our domain expertise and experience of several years to build products that benefit our clients in the best way.


We practice agile methodologies and other product development best practices, leveraging Atlassian’s product suite for planning sprints.


Our products are architected and integrated with AWS cloud services for smoother, faster implementation and flexibility to scale.

Our Primary Products

We are extremely proud to have developed our own game-changing products (few pending patent approval) completely in-house.

Our configurable, end-to-end process automation workflows have been built from scratch to support our diverse, geographically dispersed operations teams and provide them with adequate intelligence and information required to make faster, informed decisions. The multi-lingual workflow software is used extensively by a multitude of our clients across 125+ countries. This software has made it extremely easy for our clients to opt for our wide range of niche services and for our internal teams to provide personalized attention and efficient service to our clients.

Given our prime focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), we have developed our online grammar checker and language correction AI tool for academic and technical writing. Leveraging cutting-edge AI, computational linguistics, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, our tool helps students, professionals, and academicians worldwide. Trinka finds grammar errors unique to academic writing, which other grammar checkers fail to correct. The AI-based expanse of this tool is from advanced English grammar error checks to writing enhancements for scientific tone, style, and syntax.

Raxter is a smart research assistant providing a connected workflow for researchers to explore relevant material faster, saving time from reading irrelevant material appearing in searches; generate a summary of key paper sections, preventing information overload; explore specific aspects of a paper and quickly comprehend the paper’s unique approach; find related sections within literature lists and pin them/add remarks to remember context; and improve critical analysis of the literature by collating insights in a structured way.

Our Focus, Our Teams!

Our strong vision and robust product roadmap are supported by structured teams focused on specific roles and functions, in turn supporting organizational goals and objectives.


Our highly talented software engineers and technical managers are passionate about developing world-class products and features and providing technical support to ensure seamless client experience.

Business Analysis

Our business analysts constantly keep a check on changing trends and business needs and provide technology solutions to improve business processes and systems.


Our DevOps team works closely with the Engineering team during the product development lifecycle to ensure all deployments and releases are seamless and fully automated.


Our AI-focused research team of data scientists, research engineers, and linguists work on existing and newer AI-based products using advanced NLP technologies.

Product Management

Our product managers oversee the strategic aspects of product development, including voice of the customer, trends, and uptakes, thereby connecting customer requirements to larger business objectives.

Project Management

Technical project managers represent the Engineering team and are primarily responsible for planning and organizing the team’s expertise for successfully achieving Crimson’s short-term and long-term technology goals.

Quality Assurance

Our testers and quality analysts ensure that our products are in line with the quality standards set out at conception, through manual as well as automated testing processes.

Our Technology Put to Use

There is a clear vision for each innovative step taken in the direction of technology. Over the years, our technology team has contributed to make things better, smarter, and faster, and we are proud to have a strong-yet-diverse team supporting our operations.

Better client

We are passionate about improving our clients’ experience, making their overall journey intuitive and seamless.

Leaner, smarter

Our proprietary products and platforms have only become better to help our globally distributed operations get smarter and more efficient.


With the help of technology, we have executed many innovative plans that have established Crimson as an innovator and game-changer in many areas across the industry.


We make the best use of ML/NLP technologies to develop advanced, innovative AI-based products to assist students, professionals, academicians, and others worldwide in their writing and research goals.

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