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Reverse Outsourcing

One of the most unconventional, game-changing innovations for India and not just Crimson is our Reverse Outsourcing model that we introduced way back into our existence. This was at a time when India was considered to be a mere back-office of sorts to many multi-national companies outsourcing their work to India.

Under our Reverse Outsourcing Model, we were the first editing company in India to outsource our work to talent in the USA and UK. Our team in India outsources work to experienced editors in the West, who work with a global clientele. Once launched, this became a trendsetter, and today, many organizations emulate this innovative model.

Our Reverse Outsourcing model changed the way the world saw India, from an outsourcing destination to an employer of editors from countries such as the USA and UK. Crimson even won the coveted “SME Heroes Challenge” award initiated by FICCI and Google India for our lauded Reverse Outsourcing Model.

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Twin Editor Model

In our quality-conscious approach, we strongly believe that every manuscript should be looked at by two experts — a subject matter expert and a language expert. This enhances the quality of our manuscripts from the contextual and language points of view. Our classic “Twin-Editor Model” forms the core of our commitment toward quality and excellence. Both experts work on the document to ensure all service benchmarks are met and impeccable quality is delivered to the client. We were the first editing company to adopt this approach, which set a high standard of quality.

Manuscript Rate Card

Crimson pioneered yet another game-changing, attractive offering for our clients. We devised the Manuscript Rate Card, a comprehensive report of various aspects related to the original, unedited file. Our Advanced Manuscript Rate Card is a report that delves deeper into the original, unedited manuscript for a better analysis to decipher the publication potential. These rate cards were aimed at helping clients understand their original manuscript and learn from each manuscript edited by us.

Enago Tags

Working with a global clientele, we felt the need to also help our clients understand our comments better to be able to make changes or enhancements to their manuscripts. The aim was to get our feedback and suggestions across as clearly as possible in their native language. From this stemmed the idea of introducing “Tags” in the client’s native language. Our “Tags” are comments and explanations, in the client’s native language, requiring the client’s action. This innovative way of communicating with our client helped us simplify the communicate process and create a better connect with our clients.

Journal Selection Tool

Our unique journal selection tool, FindMyJournal, is the first software in the world to help researchers in finding the most appropriate journal to meet their publishing needs. It’s objective mathematical algorithm shortlists 5 most suitable journals for publishing a particular manuscript. The software chooses from more than 10,000 journals encompassing over 176 research areas, after receiving responses to only 11 questions, and delivers the result in less than 2 minutes. The software is highly secure and does not require sensitive information like the paper Title or Abstract.

Crimson’s First Publication

Working constantly with researchers who sought our English Editing and Translation services, Crimson took a step forward in 2009 and released its first book in Japanese, 英語のバカヤロー! ~「英語の壁」に挑んだ12人の日本人~ (“English idiot! I hate you—12 Japanese authors who tackled the English language barrier”). Authored by Yuko Furuya, CEO, Crimson Japan, the book words the experiences of 12 Japanese authors, including Nobel Prize nominees Shuji Nakamura, Takeshi Yoro, Chizuko Ueno, and Heizo Takenaka, who overcame the English language barrier to publish their work in renowned international journals. Written in a conversational tone, the narrative is humorous, insightful, and inspiring.

Acknowledging in-house innovation: The story behind Trinka

Our robust team of driven individuals designed Trinka AI, a highly-advanced language and grammar correction tool. We honor inspiration, dedication, and vision, so it made perfect sense to name our latest creation after our Lead Linguist Trinka D’Cunha, who helmed the Project from Day 1. Our innovative product is a testament to the years of dedication & creative collaborations. We never cease to acknowledge that Trinka couldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for each member’s expertise & resolve.

ISO Certification

We have always been acknowledged and appreciated for our quality-focus and have been accredited by regulatory organizations. In May 2006, we received the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification, and became the first editing company in India and the second editing company in the world to be awarded this much-sought-after certification. This was followed by another milestone—the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification for Information Security Management—thus strengthening our commitment towards delivering secure and high-quality services to our loyal client base.

Free AI Report for VIP Clients

Our VIP team comprises select editors who have been awarded the highest ranks by clients for superior editing quality and work on select documents. We have taken this a notch higher and created an Artificial Intelligence (AI) report for our VIP package. This report on our clients’ research manuscripts contains details on any issues noted and enhancement suggestions for improving the overall chances of publication. The report for any manuscript is evaluated by the same VIP editor working on that manuscript. The learnings gained from this report help our clients while drafting future research manuscripts.

See the Future - STF

Enago’s “See the Future” virtual conference is a first of its kind and is held for researchers, university administrators, and publishing professionals across the globe. The conference is delivered in various languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Arabic. The panel of speakers include industry leaders in the academic and publishing fields, including Nobel laureates, who share fascinating, unique insights into the future of research and research communication. The virtual program includes a keynote session by a Nobel laureate and live sessions/presentations, panel discussions, and interactive Q&A sessions with top professionals in research, research education, and publishing sectors.

Enago Learn

Most researchers do not have access to real-time resources that can help them get acquainted with the publication process. Enago Learn, our e-learning platform focusing on the end-to-end publication process, resolves this problem. It is a structured course that can be incorporated by universities within their yearly curriculum for students. In its current form, it helps increase awareness of academic publishing for students, researchers, and experienced faculty members too, and it assists researchers to effectively prepare themselves for a career in research, teaching, or both.

CLARA (COVID-19 Learning and Research Accelerator)

In the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic, we surpassed all barriers to foster faster research and learning around the deadly virus. CLARA, a free AI-powered coronavirus research and clinical trial discovery tool, uses AI to help authors find the most relevant and latest research and trial data. Researchers worldwide have been working to study SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the pandemic, to create and share knowledge to support the development of new diagnostic tools, treatments, and vaccines. To expedite this, our AI engineers harnessed their efforts to find ways of helping researchers. They were eager to ideate, create, and support an algorithm that can help COVID-19 researchers find vital information quickly and easily.

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I like the fact that no one is straitjacketed into a function/role and one is allowed to explore other functions/roles as per one's interests. There is no "you must remain in your sandbox" culture here.


Quality Management, Voxtab

Each one of all Crimsonites is one individual. She carries with herself her own identity, nationality, custom, habit, culture, thought process, idea, and experience. She is free to express herself and her thinking. She is heard, without fail, by him, by her, by everyone.


Marketing, Japan

Management is always ready to help everyone grow plus the policies by HR are so much supportive. COVID support was fabulous and salary, appraisal and bonus were on time with no impact at all.


Product Management, Technology

Best things here? Growth opportunities, friendly and helpful nature of most colleagues, team spirit, and HRBP support.


Editing, Enago

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