Our Ideologies, Our Beliefs

To us, growth is synonymous with progression, and our efforts are kindled to offer empowerment and flexibility to each one of us to share, learn, and grow. Our programs and culture assure our Crimsonites of all elements required to build a strong and successful long-term career. In all that we offer to our Crimsonites, there are four main ideologies and beliefs that form the framework to the benefits we provide.


We focus on the outcome of a job done and whether it was done on time, rather than how it was done.

Competitive Compensation

Talent/skill is our most precious asset and we reward this adequately, always maintaining a competitive advantage in the industry.

Job Security

We have been a profitable, completely self-funded company since our inception. We are proud to provide a secure work environment to our Crimsonites.

Professional & Financial Growth

We lay great stress on creating ample opportunities and avenues for our Crimsonites to grow professionally.

Things We Do To
Make You Feel Special


Salary twice a month

Annual Increment

Annual Performance Bonus

Monthly Incentive

Employee Share Unit Plan

Anniversary Bonus

Leave Encashment

Tax Planning Assistance

Interest-Free Personal Loan


Quarterly Performance Reviews

360-Degree Annual Performance Appraisal

Annual Increments

Annual Performance Bonus

Work-Life Balance

Flexible Leave Policy

Maternity Leave

Paternity Leave

Miscarriage Leave

Leave for Adoption of a Child

Bereavement Leave

Marriage Leave


Medical Insurance Coverage for Self and Family

Grievance and Redressal Cell/Sexual Harrasment Policy

Regular HR check-ins for overall health



Car Service

Free Breakfast @ Office

Weekend Allowance

Birthday Allowance

Yoga Classes

English Classes

Medical Insurance Cover

Pension Benefits

Free Flight Travel

We Learn
and Grow Together

At Crimson, we learn from each other, and mentoring and grooming are given as much focus as training. Learning starts from Day 1 and does not stop. Every day comes with a new challenge and a new lesson. We have opportunities to and to equip us with the tools to handle these opportunities, we have numerous learning and development programs catering to specific needs.


our award-winning initiative creating intrapreneurs and business partners


customized learning and professional opportunities through international travel

MBA Program (IIM Calcutta)

MBA program for management education and leadership acumen

PMP Certification Sponsorship

universally recognized, formal certification for aspiring project management professionals

BELS Certification Sponsorship

internationally recognized certification for editors aiming for a long-term career in academic editing

Crimson Upskilling

providing every Crimsonite with unlimited learning opportunities to succeed by financially supporting their dreams

You choose, we sponsor

Many other programs as per roles

on Crimson!

Our Crimsonites share why they think Crimson is a great place to work.

I like the fact that no one is straitjacketed into a function/role and one is allowed to explore other functions/roles as per one's interests. There is no "You must remain in your sandbox" culture here.


Quality Management, Voxtab

Each one of all Crimsonites is one individual. She carries with herself her own identity, nationality, custom, habit, culture, thought process, idea, and experience. She is free to express herself and her thinking. She is heard, without fail, by him, by her, by everyone.


Marketing, Japan

Management is always ready to help everyone grow plus the policies by HR are so much supportive. COVID support was fabulous and salary, appraisal, and bonus were on time with no impact at all.


Product Development, Technology

Best things here? Growth opportunities, friendly and helpful nature of colleagues/managers, HRBP and manager support, various fun activities, never say die attitude of people around.


Editing, Enago

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