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Trinka AI is an advanced grammar correction and language enhancement writing assistant designed for academic and technical writing. It is developed by a team of linguists, engineers, and data scientists with a deep desire to create a future with barrier-free communication. We built our writing assistant to support all kinds of people in all kinds of communication—from personal to academic to everyday conversations.

Technology Powering Trinka

Data Science Tech Stack

Engineering Tech Stack

Who are these services for?

Trinka caters to a diverse clientele belonging to multiple segments.
Trinka is preffered by-


wishing to learn and improve their academic writing


wanting to write efficiently while ensuring quality and compliance with scientific writing conventions


who wish to focus on semantics without worrying about grammar, consistency, tone, and style

Writers & Content Creators

who want to put across a point confidently by enhancing their writing for tone, vocabulary, syntax, & more

Academic Institutions

wishing to assist their faculty and students to deliver documents of the highest quality and academic standards easily


requiring help to assess copyediting levels and reduce editing time and costs


who desire to easily integrate real-time writing support right within their existing workflows or applications

Preferred by users from

Technology at the Heart of Everything

Cutting-edge NLP Research

Our teams regularly play with the most advanced in NLP (Natural Language Processing), DL (Deep Learning), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) tech to build products that deliver unique value to our users.

Hardcore Engineering

Our engineering challenges are complex. We build for scale and experience. Our Grammar Error Correction model is able to instantly process and correct thousands of concurrent user edits on-the-fly while providing an accuracy that outperforms the best that you can get. We have come up with proprietary model-shrinking techniques that help us make sure we have an eco-friendly, fast, and reliable writing assistance going beyond spell-checking and grammar-checking, by also helping you with correct vocabulary usage and style guidance suitable for technical writing.

Standout Offerings
of Trinka AI

Trinka stands out by working with the author and going beyond grammar and spelling checks to ensure holistic language enhancement.

Automated Editing for Documents

Edit your documents in minutes. Download the track changed file to review and finalize your content.


Patent-pending GEC system delivering assistance as you type.

Publication Readiness Checks

A suite of 20+ checks that let researchers assess readiness and submit confidently.

Trinka AI

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Our Clients Speak

Our greatest source of inspiration and motivation is our clients’ testimonies and faith in us! Here is what some of them had to say about our services.

Rosa Diaz Sandoval

Physics and Mathematics PhD, Mexico

Writing texts with correct English grammar and style is not an easy task for people who speak other languages. Sometimes you cannot find little mistakes in your document without help and moreover for academic writing.

James Smith

Academic Editor, USA

First, I love Trinka. Congratulations on developing something that extensively aids editing, especially critical grammar conventions and word count reductions.

Dinesh Gupta

Radiologist, India

The grammar checking tool exceeds Grammarly! I re-checked some documents that I had checked earlier with Grammarly. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a product from India!

Edith Davies

PhD Scholar, UK

I have tested Trinka and am impressed with its fine capabilities. It did better than the grammar checker I use. Well done! I have told my colleagues in my research lab to use Trinka. Hope it is widely used in academia.