Women at Crimson
Diverse Professional Backgrounds
Different Nationalities

Women at Crimson!

Women at Crimson have espoused our spirit of service. Women have changed the way we work; they have brought about an atmosphere of purpose. To date, we have always encouraged women to grow as leaders. Gender is definitely not a barrier to growth and progression in Crimson. In fact, we take pride in our women employees being at the forefront.

45% of Crimsonites are Women

Nearly half of our global talent consist of exceptional women.

More than 40% are leaders

Women are born leaders, and they prove it at Crimson. Every day!

Equal opportunity

We believe in equality, thus there are no gender biases here.

No gender barrier

Your gender does not define your capabilities and growth.

Professional Backgrounds

We are diverse because we are a team of doctors, physiotherapists, dentists, techies, physicists, engineers, marketeers, linguists, and IT professionals working together and inspiring each other.
Even with people from such diverse backgrounds, everyone feels at home and valued here. It is this aspect of our workplace that keeps us innovating and evolving.

Multidisciplinary talent

Talent with different expertise and backgrounds under one roof.

Diversity & Innovation

Magic happens when people from diverse backgrounds come together.

Inclusivity is our soul

We don’t believe in making anyone feel left out.

Borderless talent

We don’t judge people based on the race, gender, color or language.

Different Nationalities

Our team comprises freshers and experienced professionals from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, USA, UK, Colombia, Italy, Kazakhstan, India, etc. Crimson’s culture helps each one feel a valuable part of a bigger team, while retaining their individual beliefs and culture. We are welcoming of other cultures and practices. We learn about other cultures and this helps us approach situations with a different perspective. We also grow as individuals that are accepting of different opinions and thoughts, and approach these in line with our value system.
In our work and actions, we are conscious of our diversity and ensure to respect all cultures in whatever we do or say.

Global talent pool

Crimson has employees belonging to more than 125 countries.

We respect all cultures

Diversity ensures to respect all cultures in whatever we do or say.

Different perspectives

Culturally influced opinions, thoughts, and approach helps!

Platform to know all

It is an opportunity to learn each others’ cultures and value it.

on Crimson!

Our Crimsonites share why they think Crimson is a great place to work.

I like the fact that no one is straitjacketed into a function/role and one is allowed to explore other functions/roles as per one's interests. There is no "you must remain in your sandbox" culture here.


Team Lead

Each one of all Crimsonites is one individual. She carries with herself her own identity, nationality, custom, habit, culture, thought process, idea, and experience. She is free to express herself and her thinking. She is heard, without fail, by him, by her, by everyone.



Management is always ready to help everyone grow plus the policies by HR are so much supportive. COVID support was fabulous and salary, appraisal and bonus were on time with no impact at all.


Product Manager

Best things here? Growth opportunities, friendly and helpful nature of most colleagues, team spirit, and HRBP support.


Manager, Operations

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