Crimson's University Collaborations

Research output is one of the critical metrics under the “University Ranking” system adopted by academia worldwide. We provide various researcher support services and products to help improve the research output of universities. Universities can procure Enago’s services and products to support centralized offerings, thus helping their students/researchers in publishing in acclaimed high impact journals.

Increase Manuscript Acceptance Rate

Universities can increase their overall manuscript acceptance rate after availing our various services catering to enhance the research output of their students’ papers.

Increase Global Recognition through International Collaboration

We leverage the global outreach of universities by enhancing their global presence. With our services, a greater number of publications would get accepted in high-impact SCI/SSCI journals.

Increase Overall Academic Impact

We help universities enhance their overall global status by communicating their research excellence to the widest audiences, i.e., potential students, faculty, and funders.

Our Tailor-made Services for Universities


We help universities enhance the experience of early-career researchers through collaborative workshops and webinars for entry-level to advanced research-related topics. Our knowledge dissemination platforms customize resources as per the needs of institutionally enrolled researchers and enhance the academic ecosystem.


Our expansive network drives us to help global universities localize their content for easier dissemination across geographies. We go beyond translation to ensure seamless communication of cultural and regional nuances of academic and research documents.

Research Tools

We have tailor-made AI-based tools like Trinka AI and RAxter to help researchers increase their productivity, streamline their research process, and become increasingly self-dependent.







Our Clients Speak

Our greatest source of inspiration and motivation is our clients’ testimonies and faith in us! Here is what some of them had to say about our services.

Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

“We have been using Enago’s editing services for our faculty members for the past 10 years. Their service is professional and expedites the process of our faculty members’ papers getting published in peer reviewed journals.”

Uppsala Universite, Sweden

“We have been working with this company for translation services since 2012. All the members of our team are extremely impressed by the services provided by Enago. We are even more impressed by the enquiry and delivery software that they use.”

Telkom University, Indonesia

“Your services related to Language Check and Copyediting in English is very satisfying. The quality of work delivered is excellent. All our faculty members depend on Enago for their final editing before submitting to reputed international journals.”

Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

“We have been using Enago’s editing service for the past 4 years. The good thing is that they don’t just edit. They make us understand what went wrong and how not to repeat the same mistake in future projects. That is very good.”

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