Let There be Light!

We built a 40-bed floor for free cataract treatment for thousands of villagers

Crimson has always been committed to serving the not-so-privileged and resolving basic-yet-critical issues that they may be facing or that could be hampering their quality of life, overall. As a major step to this, Crimson constructed a complete floor in an eye hospital, with 40 beds for treating patients with cataract. Free cataract operations happen there daily, till this day. These patients are those who cannot afford to pay for cataract surgeries and end up living with compromised eyesight. We want everyone to live a life full of purpose, and we put all our efforts to give the lives of thousands and thousands villagers purpose and quality. We are proud to mention that since several years, more than 1000 villagers have been undergoing cataract operations in a month, and it is such pleasure to see the World the way it is once again!

Spreading Smiles

Kids from St. Catherine of Siena School and Orphanage visited our office to get a feel of what their future could be!

All our efforts toward this activity were directed to ensure that the kids had a blast and remembered this day forever. We wanted them to get a feel of working in an office, so that they could study hard to achieve their dreams. We intended to give them the best time at our office and organized fun games and ordered their favorite food and drink, but it turned out that the little angels touched our hearts in more ways than one. Their inquisitive eyes, innocent questions, and eager hands just showed us how much more we can learn if we have the intention, determination, and hunger to. They were gone the same day, fun kits in their hands, dreams in their eyes, and smiles on their faces, but for us, they continue to be present till this day.

Old is Gold

Crimsonites visited the Little Sisters of the Poor to just share love, warmth, and happiness with the inmates

Old is Gold, and rightly so! Our experience that the Little Sisters of the Poor, an old age home, made us realize the value of having elderly around. You not only learn from them, but they shower you with such unconditional love and care. We played Housie and sang songs, and we were surprised - they were a jolly lot, with some of them getting up to shake a leg to their favorite songs, while some others enacted these songs to each other. We did have some goodies to hand over to ones who did not win any of the games too, but to our surprise, our newly-found grannies and grandpas had hand-made gifts for us. Articles made out of waste, candles, decorative flowers, they had it all there for us to choose from. We had so little to give for what we got back – love, warmth, care, blessings, priceless moments, and souvenirs that will keep reminding us of them!

Flood Relief

Crimsonites rushed to generously help victims of the 2014 Jammu and Kashmir Floods

If we’ve not experienced it, we have surely heard about the Jammu and Kashmir floods in 2014 that rocked our nation and caused massive destruction to property and life there. The victims were left with nothing, no money, no shelter, no food, no clothing. At this hour of need, Crimson too felt the need to do its bit and collaborated with an NGO, Goonj, to donate funds toward the rehabilitation of those affected by this calamity. Our generous Crimsonites came forward and donated, and the total amount collected from all Crimsonites was then doubled by Crimson and sent to the flood-stricken areas. This act of kindness on the part of our Crimsonites surely, in some way or the other, helped restore life to normal there, and we were extremely proud to know that Crimson and Crimsonites’ were in some way responsible to bring back peace and calm to the people affected by the floods.

Funding Girl Child Education

Crimsonites do their bit to educating the Girl Child

We strongly believe and trust in Women Power, so much that more than 45% of our Crimsonites are women, with 40% of our leadership positions occupied by women. It is this belief and trust that has encouraged our Crimsonites to advocate Girl Child Education and fund one or more girls’ education through various NGOs. Crimson too is dedicated to this cause and has undertaken the complete responsibility of sponsoring the education of girls until they would like to study. We strongly believe that you can bring about change only when you are part of that change.

Helping Education

Crimson collaborated with the Teach for India initiative and invited some not-so-privileged kids to our office

Our humble Crimsonites are always so thankful for what they have, which others don’t. To do our part toward educating, in the best way possible, kids that don’t get to sit at computers and learn to do things on them, we partnered with Teach for India and invited a group of children to our office to share experience and knowledge that they could some day use. Besides games and yummy food and drinks, our Crimsonites planned simple exercises and topics to educate these young, enthusiastic, ambitious ones on basic computer skills, as simple as learning to type their name on the keyboard, drawing on Paint, taking printouts, among others. We didn’t realize the impact of our efforts until we saw the kids strutting away as if they were already CEOs of their own.


Crimsonites spread the Christmas spirit and cheer by sharing with the not-so-privileged

Our Crimsonites contributed to a planned donation drive to help the not-so-privileged. As a part of this, Crimsonites came forward and donate clothes, toys, books and other re-usable objects. These were then properly packed and sealed and sent to an NGO, Swagat Ashram Charitable Trust. It was such a pleasure to see our generous Santas give away so much to spread joy and smiles among those who would have otherwise not had a Christmas!

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Our Crimsonites share why they think Crimson is a great place to work.

I like the fact that no one is straitjacketed into a function/role and one is allowed to explore other functions/roles as per one's interests. There is no "You must remain in your sandbox" culture here.


Quality Management, Voxtab

Each one of all Crimsonites is one individual. She carries with herself her own identity, nationality, custom, habit, culture, thought process, idea, and experience. She is free to express herself and her thinking. She is heard, without fail, by him, by her, by everyone.


Marketing, Japan

Management is always ready to help everyone grow plus the policies by HR are so much supportive. COVID support was fabulous and salary, appraisal, and bonus were on time with no impact at all.


Product Development, Technology

Best things here? Growth opportunities, friendly and helpful nature of colleagues/managers, HRBP and manager support, various fun activities, never say die attitude of people around.


Editing, Enago

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