“Success lasts only when the customer comes first.”

Leaders make customers their No.1 priority.

Leaders understand both explicit and implicit customer needs.

Leaders who value their customers make them feel special.

Leaders must always think AS customers, from the cutomers' perspective.

Goals are targets painted by the leader, and aimed at by the team.”

Leaders set achievable yet ambitious goals for the company as a whole.

Leaders outperform competitors and deliver best quality results.

Leaders coach their teams to use resources efficiently to gain maximum output.

Leaders assist, equip, and empower the team to achieve their goals.

“Leaders shape a group into a team.”

Leaders build a strong team and have the right person to take care of every job.

Leaders continuously raise the bar & encourage the team to get out of their comfort zone.

Leaders are aware of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses when delegating work.

Leaders have empathy for their team members & extend all forms of support when needed.

There is no wrong question. Not asking questions, now THAT is wrong!”

Leaders think out-of-the-box & analyze everything critically.

Leaders never shy away from asking questions or settle for vague information.

Leaders practice being innovative & curious to inspire their team.

Leaders keep themselves updated with the latest industry & market trends.

“The distance between a problem and its solution is measured by one’s mindset.”

Leaders prioritize problems based on size, impact, and urgency.

Leaders narrow down to the most efficient solution.

Leaders use a practical approach to arrive at possible solutions.

Leaders optimize time when addressing a problem.

Good judgement might not stop the storm, but it will get you to a shelter.”

Leaders are farsighted and have an estimate of market trends.

Leaders take decisions by evaluating possible consequences of their actions.

Leaders make the right choices at the right time.

Leaders are dependable in situations where immediate intervention is necessary.

Commitment, not compliance, can get you to the next level.”

Leaders always think as customers from the customer’s perspective.

Leaders understand both explicit and implicit customer needs.

Leaders who value their customers make them feel special.

Leaders are customer-oriented.

“Communication can turn into an illusion if not coupled with clarity.”

Leaders are always available for the team’s questions or suggestions.

Leaders promote transparent, constructive, and honest feedback within the team.

Leaders track progress frequently to address blind spots at initial stages.

Leaders engage their team in proactive communication.

Those who practice what they preach, barely need to pitch.”

Leaders are graciously accepting when proven wrong by their team members.

Leaders command respect and commitment from their team, not fear!

Leaders easily earn the trust and confidence of their teams.

Leaders are inspired to stand by their words and act responsibly.

Pearls of wisdom are never found in shallow waters.”

Leaders first figure out what and how to do things, and then actually do it!

Leaders do not jump to action without thoroughly inspecting a situation.

Leaders go beyond their assigned responsibilities, to solve a problem.

Leaders solve underlying issues and not just treat ad-hoc symptoms.

Meet Our Leaders

We believe that leadership is an art of encouraging others to lead the future with responsibility and accountability.

Sharad Mittal

Founder & CEO - Crimson Interactive

“I am only as good as my team. If they fail, I fail, if they win, I win. Together we can touch the sky!”

Shilpa Mittal

CEO & Director - Ulatus

“At Crimson I have learnt more, grown more, dreamt more, done more, and feel completely satisfied at the end of the day.”

Rajiv Shirke

Vice President - Global Operations

“Crimson offered me a unique platform to spearhead client operations across 89 countries, thus exposing me to diverse customer behaviors & backgrounds.”

Tony O'Rourke

Vice President - Partnerships, Enago

“Crimson has given me the opportunity to use my 20+ years of publishing experience in a practical and direct way. I’ve been able to build a substantial and sustainable new business for the long term, with support at every step from my Crimson colleagues.”

Kuntan Dhanoya

Vice President - Business Development

“I feel privileged to be among the earlier few Crimsonites when we started operations. Currently, managing our Translation & Localization business, I have a great opportunity to implement our business strategy and help our enterprise clients grow globally!”

Sanjay Kotak

Vice President - Technology

“The culture to constantly explore and learn new things excites me the most.”

Dr. Pinki Rajeev

Partner - Enago Life Sciences

“At Crimson, I could explore unchartered territories fearlessly and recognize my true potential as a business leader. Crimson provides freedom to work and opportunities to learn and grow every day.”

Jake Cheung

Asst. General Manager - China

“Each day at Crimson brings new opportunities and the freedom to come up with unique business strategies. I am glad to be contributing to the overall growth of the company and learning a lot in the process.”

Sonali Anubhavne

Asst. Vice President - Operations

“Crimson has offered me a range of opportunities in business management and leadership. Every program has been full of rich experiences and learning. Crimson empowers me to harness my skills further and better contribute to its vision.”

Dr. Anupama Kapadia

Asst. General Manager - Operations, Editor-in-Chief - Enago Academy

“My teams and people continue to be my greatest joy and pride. They allow me to both be myself and better myself. And Crimson has been my ultimate playground—full of opportunities, challenges, and achievements!”

Inseok Kang

Regional Manager - Korea

“I am grateful for the opportunities Crimson gives me to apply my skill, knowledge, and experience to provide the best to our clients and contribute to the overall growth of Crimson.”

Indu Rohatgi

Asst. General Manager - Operations

“Crimson is a place which has helped me understand my own potential. It helps you evolve everyday as a person, leader and mentor.”

Preetesh Kundalia

Asst. General Manager - Operations

“At Crimson I have grown and learnt a lot at every level. It has not only taught me to work with high values but also how to carry these values in my daily life.”

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