We are honest to our work, our peers, and our clients. We build truthful relationships with fellow Crimsonites and do the right thing always, even when no one is watching. We work to give our clients the best possible assistance through our services, while keeping in mind and considering various limitations they could have.

Integrity is our Strength

We are proud to speak the truth and consider it our strength

Transparency from Honesty

We can be open and transparent because we are honest


We are a large team of professionals working together toward meeting our commitment to our clients. We are true to our word and go to any extent to fulfil what we promise to ourselves, peers, and our clients. Our efforts do not decide our commitment; rather, our commitment decides our efforts! For us, a commitment is carved in stone and has to be met.

Commitment Carved in Stone

We go to any extent to meet our commitments

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to achieve the best in whatever we do


We are a diverse team of people sharing utmost respect for each other’s cultures, personalities, and individualities. We respectfully accept different opinions and suggestions. Our respect for our clients goes beyond boundaries in our unwavering and tireless efforts to fulfil their requirements and offer them the best service.

Respect Commands Respect

We get respect because we respect our work, peers, and clients

Respect Differences

We respect our difference in culture, backgrounds, and personalities


Our philosophy to anything we do is defined by simplicity. Our ideas may be different but simple. Our processes are simple, our expectations are clear, and our approach to serve our clients is transparent. Our simplicity makes things practical and executable, setting us apart, without much complexity.

Simplicity is Intelligence

We believe that doing something simply is doing it intelligently

Simple is Significant

We focus on making simple things significant


“Kaizen” means “continuous improvement” and this is exactly what we live by. We are constantly looking for means to make the good better and make the better the best. This value helps us adapt to change comfortably and easily and still be relevant in what we offer and how. Creative thinking and innovation are encouraged and rewarded here.

Positive change is Improvement

Any small step in the positive direction is Kaizen

Think HOW to do it, not WHY NOT to do it

We take change positively and make immediate amends in the right direction


We believe in everyone associated with us having a WOW experience. We care for our Crimsonites, professionally and emotionally, making them feel valued and recognized here. We go the extra mile to not only meet but also exceed client expectations. We always strive to do our best and deliver the best, leaving no stone unturned, in anything we undertake.

Feel WOW not woes!

We want us to be remembered fondly, not sadly

All we want to say is WOW!

We strive for perfection in whatever we do.

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Our Crimsonites share why they think Crimson is a great place to work.

I like the fact that no one is straitjacketed into a function/role and one is allowed to explore other functions/roles as per one's interests. There is no "You must remain in your sandbox" culture here.


Quality Management, Voxtab

Each one of all Crimsonites is one individual. She carries with herself her own identity, nationality, custom, habit, culture, thought process, idea, and experience. She is free to express herself and her thinking. She is heard, without fail, by him, by her, by everyone.


Marketing, Japan

Management is always ready to help everyone grow plus the policies by HR are so much supportive. COVID support was fabulous and salary, appraisal, and bonus were on time with no impact at all.


Product Development, Technology

Best things here? Growth opportunities, friendly and helpful nature of colleagues/managers, HRBP and manager support, various fun activities, never say die attitude of people around.


Editing, Enago

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