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RAx is an AI-powered research assistant for researchers and publishers assisting them with literature review, including discovery and selection, organizing and citation, comprehension and analysis, and peer review. It is the personalized intellectual partner for every researcher, helping them become more effective, creative, and agile.

Technology Powering RAxter

Data Science Tech Stack

Engineering Tech Stack

Useful for

Students & Researchers

Speeds up literature review by assisting them at every stage of their research journey

Peer Reviewers

One-stop solution for reviewers to conduct high-quality peer reviews faster


Enhance visibility of library resources by syncing with academicians’ needs to boost usage of library content


Allows students to research and collaborate efficiently and supervisors to track & assist timely to ensure seamless knowledge transfer

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Technology at the Heart of Everything

Cutting-edge NLP Research

The RAx research team is responsible for the completely original in-house scholarly article summarization, recommendation, and knowledge discovery models whose accuracy far surpasses state-of-the-art algorithms when evaluated on standard benchmark evaluation datasets. The NLP approaches are multi-paradigmatic including probabilistic graphical models, reinforcement learning, deep learning, and symbolic reasoning.

Hardcore Engineering

The RAx engineering team is responsible for designing complex systems that include robust and scalable data pipelines supporting the continuous ingestion of thousands of articles and other resources every day. They are also behind designing the proprietary indexes and queries that enable blazing-fast recommendation of results pulled from our in-house search engine housing hundreds of millions of records, thereby proving a seamless user experience.

Standout Offerings of RAx

Exploration & Summarization

Explore a plethora of research papers, survey papers, wikis, videos, and lectures relevant to your research topic or research question. Generate section-wise summary to decide the relevance.

Organizing & Citations

Using AI-powered suggestions, add literature, find connected literature, and organize them easily. Set reminders for reading, collaborate with other users to share literature lists and manage citation exports.

Literature Review & Analysis

RAx makes critical reading effective by consuming the literature smartly. Find connections within your literature repository or overall published corpus, find more literature that is similar or contrasting to the objectives or conclusions, and more.



Speed up your literature review.
Connect critical reading with on-the-fly exploration, ideation, and organization.

Our Clients Speak

Our greatest source of inspiration and motivation is our clients’ testimonies and faith in us! Here is what some of them had to say about our services.

Ph.D. student

IIT Gandhinagar, India

The best thing about RAx is that it helps me to organize all my literature and reviews at one place. It takes care of all my needs, right from distraction free reading mode to highlight and note taking, from quick access to references, to paper recommendations.

Graduate Student

UMKC, Kansas City, USA

I'm a graduate student confused about how to start reading research papers. Everyone says that you need to read a lot of paper being a research student. But until and unless you are with a guide get confused very fast (especially freshers).

Ph.D. student

DA-IICT, India

I have been using RAx since last year now. It has made organizing and reading of literature very easy. I specially like the "discover" feature to find books and thesis related to my research from the institute library, that I didn't know exist.

Ph.D. student

Université Laval, Canada

Since I have been using this service for my research, I can do my research in a much more efficient way. The recommender system of RAx is powerful and provides me with a great deal of information.

Ph.D. student

IIT Patna, India

I am quite amazed by the array of interesting use-cases RAx is offering to make our investigations easy! Highly recommended one-stop-shop for researchers !!